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While I have basically ignored this blog since school began, I have finally come to a (short) post-midterms pause. While I was warned how busy this program would be, I somehow was not expecting the reality. I have never been this busy, but school has also never felt this right.

I really loved my undergraduate major. While I took pre-med requirements, my undergrad degree is in Religious Studies, which I absolutely love. But nursing has made me . . . passionate. I really love what I’m doing, and I’m really excited that this is the career I’m headed toward.

I spent my first six weeks of clinical on a cardiology unit. To be perfectly honest, I had always thought of cardiology as somewhat boring – a specialty that was deeply important but limited in scope and very cut-and-dried. You guys, I fell in love a little bit. I had an amazing preceptor for my first rotation and learned A TON. I really feel like I’m starting to understand cardio-related things and that understanding is really satisfying.

Meanwhile, I have been through 6 major exams in just under three weeks. It has been crazy. My car hydroplaned on 95 last week. This past weekend I did a 12 hour clinical shift (from which we were, blessedly, released early) then got right on a train and went to New York for 23 hours. When I returned home, I was picked up – in an epic monsoon/wind storm – at the train station by a friend and went immediately back to school to study for an exam Monday morning. Less than 9 hours later I returned to school and took the exam, then immediately went home to nap. My Monday night margaritas were possibly the hardest earned margs of my life.

Y’all, it has been a very long time since I was this exhausted. And I was a lot younger the last time it happened. But all this forward progress? It’s really great.

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