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Rain on Window

It’s thunderstorming in New York as I write this. I absolutely love a good thunderstorm. When I was very little, I had a ground floor bedroom and worried often that someone would try to come in and get me through the window. Nights when it was storming always made me feel safe – I figured that no bad person would risk such adverse conditions to do me harm. I always felt so cozy and slept so well with a raging storm outside. Now, I sleep well because I really appreciate the white noise.

It has been quite a couple of months.

I committed to a nursing school.

I went through a breakup.

I won my fantasy Bachelor league.

I dealt with an extremely painful flare up of a chronic injury.

It’s been a very mixed bag.

All of this said, I’m very excited. Now that I know where I’m headed for school this year, I can finally start planning. I love a good plan . . . and a good to-do list. Mine is rather long at the moment. But I can cross this update off of it.

Good night!


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